Friday, December 5, 2008

Voting for the CPY project

Hi folks,

we had to close the poll as we had some problems.

specifically, we had folks who were not blog-members voting.

we are now discussing how to handle this issue.

back soon once we figure it out.

likely probability is that I [drlaura] will take email votes - since i'm not entered in any contests, but just knit along with you for fun.

i may also have you comment on the blog pic post, as i can vet comments with a chart to verify who is a member and who has voted.

once Susan/CPY and i decide how to be fair, we'll tell you.



kadezmom said...

What a shame. Y'all have gone to so much work already. Is there anything I can do to help? (I'm a non-participant on that as well)

jdhforjc said...

Oh my, Katie and I both voted on one email. We are 18 & 19.

Katie voted for #10. I voted for #3.

drlaura said...

Hi "kadezmom" - thanks for your comments!
not sure how you could help but will think about it, thanks.

Hi Jody - thanks for letting me know.
once re reopen, as knitting members you and katie will each get a vote.
keep your eyes peeled!!

blessings, L