Monday, December 1, 2008

One more to add and it is for ME!

Hi, here is one more project to add to the list! I am so excited. This is the first one for me and not as a gift. But, the first mitt is a little bigger than the second. HOW DO YOU STOP DOING THAT? Please comment I also wonder why the pattern says to pick up only 13 (7on bottom and 6 on top.) I got 14 on both mittens and picked up more on the side too (3 on each side.)
I used RY Classic Yarns Natural Silk Aran. I won it at a drawing on Stephanie Pearl McPhee's birthday party at my LYS! Two skeins at 142 yards. The pattern is Knitty's summer 2006 Fetching. I changed my first pattern (by adding one more cable and 2~ 4X1 ribbing near the fingers plus lengthening the thumb) too. It is also my first try at a project with cables. My niece also wants a pair in black. I think that will take longer because it will be harder to see OTN's but I know what to get her for Christmas and it is in my stash too! Whee, for stash.
I know as my daughter and I look back on our first KAL together that we will have fond memories to look back on. Thanks for the fun. Katie is so excited to have done this. I just hope that one of us wins something because I would like to give the yarn to her! (She does not know about the economy situation, but my husband might lose his job this month and she still believes in Santa.) I would believe in a Crafter's Santa if it would work! So, all of you prayer warrior knitter's keep us mama's and daddy's in mind and in your prayers this holiday. I will be praying for you all too.
This was so fun! Thanks again to all of you who worked so hard to organize this and urge us to step up our holiday giving!

blessings, jdhforjc
and knit-frog-knit on ravelry

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drlaura said...

nice work!
and happy holidays!