Friday, December 5, 2008

are YOU a winner of Mini-Mochi??

on the cpy blog CPYsocksandmore
i announced the four 4 !! mini-mochi winners several days ago and only ONE of 4 winners has contacted me.... so far.


first option.... how long must i wait before i claim the yarn for myself...




i will er umm split it with my co-moderators Adrienne & Debi??? [co-conspirators?]

seriously, folks... we want to send your prizes, so if you entered, do go take a look. i hope it's YOU !!


Lovs2Knit said...

Hopefully they get in contact with you. I normally give a few days for members to get in contact with me when I have a contest. If they don't respond to emails I send or the post then I figure they don't want it and go back to drawing names.

adrienne said...

did you email them or leave a comment on their blogs?

if you have, then i like your second
option. ;o)

debi's place said...

I agree may as well just send it to Adrienne and myself. We will be happy to give it a new home. Besides Laura you and I are neighbors?????

drlaura said...

i first posted on the blog, and one winner reached me and we're in contact.
then i emailed two of the other three, for whom i had emails.
the 4th person only has a blog and no email, so i commented on her blog, and looked in vain on her profile for an email.
what's a fair wait time...??

i mean i may not survive the ambushing from debi and adrienne trying to pry the yarn from my fingers!