Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Second Market Bag

Here is my daughter's second market bag.

I actually just finished it this evening, so it won't count towards yardage. I did post a beginning photo, and someone (I don't remember who!!) said that they would like to see a completed picture. Both market bags were designed by Cathy Phillips of CAP's Crochet, and I love the way they turned out--if I say so myself!!



kadezmom said...

That turned out lovely. Hummmm, I may have to hunt and flag that pattern.

sailorcross said...

Coming from you, I count that as an "A #1 compliment!!"

It's really easy and quick, too!! That in itself is wonderful!! but, I do have to tell you that working with cotton and a size G and F crochet hook is a little wearing on the hands! I found the middle two fingers of my right hand going numb from time to time, but that didn't stop me!