Thursday, March 31, 2011

are you sitting down?

i don't want to shock any of you but....i finished a PAIR of socks!!!! seriously! and they match!

supporter's socks from sock madness 5, round 1
panda superwash in dark knight
start date: 3/4/11
finish date: 3/10/11 (6 days! yup!)Link
supporter's sock prog
supporter's sock pair

and to shock you further....

sm5 nornir finished

sm5 #2 prog

why, yes! it's a second PAIR of socks!

nornir from sock madness 5, round 2
start: 3/21/11
finish: 3/26/11 (that's 5 days!)

hellooooooooo! you all can get up off the floor now!!! passing smelling salts all around.

1 comment:

Kate said...

Congrats! 2 PAIRS of socks is great.