Friday, April 1, 2011

Prime Time - March

Sock Madness 5 hit hard and I've been knitting myself silly. Round 1 - Supporter's Socks in Regia Trend & Color. 344 yards

Round 2 - Nornir in KnitFit Calypso. 336 yards

And my CPY package deal: I made a second pair of mitts using Adrienne's Jasmine Lace Fingerless Mitts pattern, this time in Sausalito. For me, these knit up tighter than with Mini Mochi so I added about 8 rows to the pattern ending just before the cable and closing up the YOs with ktbls.

For additional yardage I knit two washcloths out of CPY Cotton Chenille.

182 yards for the mitts, 122 yards in chenille = 304 yards. I knit the diagonal cloth until I'd used up 1/2 the needed yardage then began the decreases! That's cutting it close.


Susan in Michigan said...

You were very productive too in March! Love those mitts. I think Magpie needs a pair.

carol said...

It's a great pattern that will hold your interest. Love the length of these. I much preferred the Mini Mochi pair - toasty warm!