Thursday, March 31, 2011

March project

So here is my project for March - my first complete pair of adult socks, yaaay I've broken the curse! I've done two socks in the past, but both are singles. I recall giving away the yarn for sock #2 of one pair, so it will never be complete, but the other still has hope (although I have long since forgotten what pattern I used..).

This is Laura's pattern (a free one from the CPY website) called "Silk Road Journeys". Took two balls of Mini Mochi with a bit from both balls left over. I don't have a scale, but I would think that I've made the 300yd quota given how little remains.

All in all this pattern was a lot of fun to do. My ruffle is larger than the original as I didn't have the right size needles - but I like it. Some of the stitch counts were a bit off, and I also did a grafted toe and made the cuff a bit longer, but otherwise it's as the pattern was written.

One disappointing thing to note: both balls were knit from centre out, but they are reversed in colour order which of course I didn't realize until the end, and there's no way I'm frogging and reknitting! so, they're a unique pair of socks - so be it.

On to the next pair!

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