Thursday, March 31, 2011

March FO!

Here's my new pick-me-up scarf design.This narrow scarf pattern depicts a profusion of flowers from Mother Earth that are perfect for a Spring scarf - or anytime you need a bring a little spring into your wardrobe. It's called Maaema (pronounced May-emma) for the Estonian goddess symbolizing Mother Earth.
I used 400yds of Lost City Silk and a size 4US needle. I spent about two weeks working on it of an evening. It's a sweet simple scarf and I'm thinking of doing a second in Panda Silk #3004 a spiffy bright orange colorway - which I conveniently have in my stash!


adrienne said...

hey denise, do you have a progress photo posted somewhere? thanks

bellsisterdong said...

That is a STUNNER!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!!! Congrats!!!