Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Prime Time KAL March 2011

This is my project for March. I made it for my daughter because it just looked like a teenager project. It is the Caron Braided Cowl. I used a larger needle and made each strip longer since we tend to have larger heads than most.

Since I made strips from three different skeins I had to try my math abilities out to see how much yarn I used. Let me know if I have this right. I divided the yards by the ounces to see how many yards per ounce (52.5). Then I weighed each strip and added the ounces together to get 6 1/2 oz.
So 52.5 x 6.5= 341.25 yards.

My youngest daughter modeled it because the one I made it for is camera shy. I like the colors. I was so into my knitting that I forgot to take a picture of the purple strip. I knit with blinders on.

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