Friday, April 1, 2011

March PrimeTime

Hi All! I finished several projects in March and wanted to share these:
First up - my Missouri, Waterfall Lace Socks in CPY Merino 5 Ultra Blues. I made them long enough to use up all but 15 yards of 3 balls - so about 315 yards. They are so comfy.

Second - I finished a pair of Tadpole socks for my sister in Chicago who is recovering from hip surgery. Worked these in Fleece Artist Nyoni - about 320 yards.

Third - a pair of Straight Up Socks for myself in Knitters Brewing Company Sockaholic Sweet. I love toe up socks because I can then use up all of the yarn - about 390 yards

Fourth - a gaiter for my brother in law in Patons Classic Wool and Manos Maxima - 163 yards

Fifth - I most excited to have finished Tea Leaves Cardigan by Melissa LeBarre, using up over 1200 yards of KP Elegance from stash.

Of course, I then rewarded myself with a non-sanctioned yarn purchase from Jimmy Beans for the Coquille Shawl. ;-)


carol said...

Lovely things and so many. I just came in to post my CPY stuff - may need to haul out some extras! lol

Susan in Michigan said...

Thanks Carol! I was pretty pleased with everything that I finished in March and I just couldn't resist sharing.

carol said...

All so lovely.

"non-sanctioned" yarn purchase? Huh. I don't understand. Just tell Magpie it's something for her!