Saturday, November 29, 2008

What's up with the colors...maaaaaan

Yep, the deadline is approaching and I'm frantically gathering up everything and trying to make sure it gets blogged. These are two pairs of pink varigated socks I made for my dds. Once again, the color on my camera makes it seem like different colors. As Granny always said, "You get what you pay for" Well, I didn't pay much for my camera and it shows.

I've got a dishcloth set otn and a pair of socks. We'll see what I can get done by midnight tomorrow.

Happy Knitting!

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kadezmom 71


drlaura said...

cute socks!
i do find i get truer colors outdoors.
but that requires not too sunny or not too shady, so also not simple!

kadezmom said...

I live in Mn. I'm laughing. I wonder what frozen does? Hummmmm? (not laughing at you, laughing at me and what kind of adventures I could have. I'm not exactly graceful at all times)

I do have a happy lamp......and I usually take pics on my desk with that light on...maybe I should stick to it. *sigh*

Thanks for the tip. I will be using that one in the summer.

(still chuckling imagining me, the dog, the camera and the finished object,...........use your imagination)

Hummm. Slap happy? I may need to go to bed.

Night all!

adrienne said...

frozen would definitely be interesting. maybe you can show us that on in january! LOL!