Friday, November 28, 2008

Charade Socks

I actually got them done in time, and even started another project!
First, my CPY Panda Wool socks, using the free Charade Pattern from Ravelry:

Well, not sure if the pic went through; if not, will repost after checking the blog. Anyway, the two pairs together used 784 yards total; I know the first pair used more than 1/2 of that, so it met the minimum requirement. The project I started last Sunday is the Elf socks/slippers from Anna Tillman's book, "Knitted Socks". Dunno if I will get them finished in time or not, but I can at least try, right? Here is a project pic (hopefully; computer is complaining of connection problems, which is baloney):

Adrienne, thank you for inviting me; this is my first KAL and it was really good for me. I needed the incentive to knit more, even though my left hand complains, lol.
I also want to thank everyone for their wonderful inspiration, photos, and for sharing what yarns and patterns were used!

*Tried 2 more times to upload photos, no luck tonight (there are names for Vista which cannot be printed in decent company such as everyone here...), will try again tomorrow.

edited by adrienne to help annie post pictures. can't wait to see the elf socks/slippers completed. don't they already look adorable? and i wear a size 8 shoe (LOL)! ps. i have heard that vista is "MOST WONDERFUL" choke-choke!

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