Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Irish Hiking scarf is done.


Tangled said...

forgot took lots of yarn. 2 skeins minus a little bit of Cascade 220.

debi's place said...

Wow way to go. I am so proud of you. How long is it?

sailorcross said...

Oh, you've finished!! It looks beautiful!! Is it about the same color as the one i made? And I was going to ask you, too--how long did you make yours?


sailorcross said...


I received your e-mail and went to reply to you yesterday.

OOPS!! I had gone through my e-mails and deleted just about everything--and I accidentally deleted yours.

I wanted to send you a picture of something.

Could you drop me another line so I have your address??

Thanks so much, and sorry I deleted it. My fingers just went a little too fast!!