Friday, November 28, 2008

my last prjects

Hi, Here are my last pojects a headband and a cat toy. The headband was going to be a wrist warmer. But, now it is a headband. This was a fun contest. Thank you. Please comment.



mtannie said...

Yummy colors, Katie, and very nice knitting!
My new kitten thinks any and ALL of my knitting projects are cat toys (and that includes my needles, ack!), unfortunately. :o)

mtannie said...

Oops, I forgot to add that you have a good eye for color too. :o)

jdhforjc said...

Hi pooh bear, I love you and your kitty blanket and cat toy for Maggie look great and i love your headband too. Now you can do the hat and maybe get new yarn for the wristwarmers to try next.

adrienne said...

you did a wonderful job, katie. you are on your way to some great knitting. glad that you were able to play with us on the kal.