Thursday, November 27, 2008

update for me

Hi, Happy Thanksgiving Day! I finally finished my headband. I had a hard time chosing the right button. And I finally found on that matched exactly. It is a nice one from the collection I recieved from my Grandma Jewel when she passed on. I chose the matching blue shiny one. So, I can remember her when I keep my ears warm in the Oregon winter weather. I did not care for the pattern personally. It turned out way too big for me I needed the whole skein. Next time I will go down a size in needles (and check the gauge again. I KNOW!) It was way too hard to do with little ones sitting on your lap. Everyone loves it and wants one! I also made a scarf for a friend. It is a combination yarn made up pattern and crocheted. Can you see the pattern? My camera is aweful~ it is an every other row alternating pattern. I did not care for the ribbon yarn. It had no give but will hopefully loosen up over time. (My other made one did.) It was really fun to make and she loved it! It is really thick and comfy. Nathan is wearing the progress picture and Katie the finished one. I added the progress picture of the yarn I doubled. I forget how easy it is to crochet now that I am addicted to sock knitting!
Headband winter 2006 knitty calorimetry- 100 yds. knit
scarf- 200 yards red heart total crochet ( Laura, only count this)
(with 1/2 150 yards Ribbon yarn and 1/2 150 yards patton allure doubled throughout)
jdhforjc and
knit-frog-knit on ravelry
P.S. I got toasted early and only had a progress picture in Sock Wars DOTD. Congratulations GlamGirl. Then finished the pair she sent me. Not complete sets to count towards this contest, darn. Knit-on! Katie is finishing her headband and cat toy for her 2nd 100 yard project! Will post later on today.


debi's place said...

I have made the calorimetry twice. I found going down to 80 stitches was a better fit. So before you go down needle sizes look into dropping the stitch count.

jdhforjc said...

Thanks, I am getting sooo many comments from this one. I need to make more in different colors!