Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Another pair!

Except that it's still not a pair of socks; those, alas, remain single.

Instead, it's a pair of mitts.
I can't for the life of me get the color to come out right; imagine them more gold-y, and you've got it.

These are the Spiraluscious Mitts, by Anne Hanson (I don't think the pattern is out yet, but it will be soon, and meanwhile, the matching neckwarmer is). I used Shivaya Naturals Silky Merino yarn (which is such fun to knit with!), about 150 yards for the pair. This is a great knit, and they look wonderful on; I wish I knew someone who's getting married, because they would be beautiful wedding mitts, knitted in a white silk...
They're still not blocked. I put them on as soon as I wove the ends in, and haven't been able to make myself take them off. Maybe I'll make another pair for someone for the holidays, because I think I'm going to have to keep these!


Brenda said...

Those are absolutely lovely, and I want to get my hands on that pattern when it comes available.

Brenda in Alberta

adrienne said...

gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous! do you have my address?!

Tangled said...

Those are wonderful!

rita said...

I'm ordering the pattern right now!!! They're exactly what I've been looking for.