Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Changes to 52 week challenge kal requirements

Dr. Laura here:

i've made changes to the rules for the year-long challenge.
these lower the yarn requirements for both crochet and knit.

they are more explicit for knit, to wit:

"1 pr adult socks with a leg of min. 4 in above heel".
also, i think that making a matching headband, i=cord lariat, baby sock or ornament would suffice.

re crochet, as i don't do this, i followed the guidance of those who do -and stayed more towards the high end.
that reminds me, LOL, did you see the David Letterman show where Lily Chin made Dave a sweater in under 45 min?

I apologize for the confusion.

NOW *** please quickly re-examine your projects for jan & what you thought wouldn't work out. I had several emails from folks who didn't feel they could meet 350 yds.

you still have some time before the end of the month!!

ANOTHER note (er um hint???): my idea in calling this the 52-wk challenge was hoping to see something every week, but i know that's tough. you might keep it in your mind to see if you can't post every week! will be interesting to see who has a post per week at the end of the year!!

blessings, :L

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peacockmom said...

I like this idea of combining items so that 350+ yards of the same yarn would count for the month. That would allow for many more choices and hopefully keep us stimulated and sharing our ideas. The KAL is an excellent boost to my energy and certainly inspires me to try patterns that I never would have "discovered" any other way.
Many thanks for your work in keeping this going. Cheers from Oz-