Wednesday, February 4, 2009

another pair of So Square socks

I started another pair of air show socks for Fred last week (on Friday, I think) and finished the first sock last night. Will definitely finish the second by Valentine's Day for him. He asked me to knit a custom pair to match our plane and suggested cream on the top with 3 red stripes and then the blue foot starting 3" or 4" above the ankle to represent the belly of the plane. I ordered some more cream patonyle and will use the leftovers (hopefully enough) of this sock (400 yds for size large) for the stripes and fortunately have lots more of the blue I dyed for the other so square socks (Anne Hanson) I made during the holiday KAL. Here are some pics to show beginning and end of the first sock. It is in Cascade Heritage "wine" colorway and is much prettier in person than the computer shows. More of a cranberry/crimson red. Only one bit of pooling and won't show when worn. :) I hope he gets his custom socks before my prize yarn arrives. You know I will want to begin the Joyful Panda immediately. But I did choose a second colorway for him. Do you think he will have enough socks?

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kadezmom said...

your so square socks look so nice!