Saturday, February 7, 2009

3 done 1 start

I'll start with a new start. This is a test knit. They are ready to start the heel soon. Interesting pattern that will be out in April. Very interestings. Don't you agree Brenda??? lol The yarn is my prize for the Olympic Soxs KAL back in Aug.
This is the start of the December sock of the month from . I started these the last week of Jan. Yarn is a Cascade Handpainted.
Here they are done. I finished them Feb 2. They were a very quick knit on size 2 needles. These were knitted a lot taking care of my Dad.
The start of the January sock of the month from This is a trekking yarn. The matching surprised me as I was again taking care of my Dad and just casted on without thinking about matching them. I did not think there would be stripes in the yarn anyways. These would have been started Feb 2.
Here is another test knit. I started these as I needed another pair of socks going...Feb 4. Stash yarn. Yarn is socka. Bejeweled Diamonds is the pattern name.
Here are both pair completed. I think I have met the yardage for Feb. Again I am surprised at how well they matched up. The darker pink pair will go to Jess for Valentines day. The light pink pair will be for me to wear Valentines day. Also the light pink pair has beads that I am not sure show very well.

Tomorrow I will cast on for this. Again the yarn has been waiting to be knitted for a while. I am having a hard time waiting to cast on. Oh and Dad is doing great and does not need the help anymore.


kadezmom said...

And I do believe that the bejeweled diamonds are on my list. AND if I do them in the right colorway...I can call them Jewel of the Prairie.......

Thanks for sharing all these great projects.

adrienne said...

love the bejeweled diamonds. can you take a close-up of the leg?

and dang, i have names i can call you. :P 3 pairs of socks....mumble, mumble

rita said...

The bejeweled diamonds are gorgeous! I'm going to have to try those, maybe for my granddaughter. I still haven't started her pink panda silk socks, and she wants beads on them. Hmmmmm. She's only 9, thought....

adrienne said...

hey, rita;

one is never too young (or too old) for some glitz!!!!

sailorcross said...

Beautiful, Rita!!

I'm making the sock of the month with Trekking, too. Now, I know what the finished product will look like!!