Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Yarn Arrived, Too!!

Oh, it is so beautiful and soft!! I love it!! Thank you so much!! Two skeins of Panda Superwash in Mint Print!! I can't wait to get my hands into this!! But, I'm going to have to wait a bit until I finish some other projects on the needles!!



adrienne said...

why does this make me think of shamrocks and st paddy's day?!

oh! better yet! a pitcher of margaritas! meet me down by the frog pond!!!

very pretty spring-like colors!

kadezmom said...

I agree. I'm thinking that somewhere out there is a Margaritaville sock pattern........I didn't like the yarn it was done in, however, I think you have the perfect yarn right there in your picture! Mint print. I'll have to remember that. I could make them my Cinco de Mayo socks!!!!!!!

Okay, it's your yarn. I should stop planning for it, huh?