Friday, September 19, 2008

Adding My Needles to the Ring :o)

Hi all, Hi Adrienne, ya got me, lol. am not sure I will even get 100yds knit as I am facing carpal tunnel issues, but maybe there will be a prize for slowest knitter. :o)
I have had some yummy CPY wool/bamboo sock yarn waiting in my stash, but I suppose I really should think about making hubby some socks; I just dread knowing he will blow out the heels faster than I can cast-on! OH! just got a GREAT idea for a funky hat too (to justify buying this yarn that I fell in love with, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!). Might have to order needles for that, bummer, such a chore (HA!!!) ordering knitterly things! Bet I can't buy just one! :o)
Annie in MT, also dreading 30 below


adrienne said...

ya-hoo! glad you joined us. i am not sure how much knitting i am going to finish either but this is all for fun anyway!

and of course, you will need to add some yarn to your order. who wants to get just needles?!

Stephanie said...

If he is wrecking his heels, likely it's because he has a narrow heel and regular heeled shoes/boots. If you can pad the heel more, it stops the movement and reduces the wear on the heel. I have this problem myself. I live in MN, so completely understand your dread.

As far as the carpel tunnel, have you tried 'continental' style knitting. I also was developing carpel tunnel, but continental is what keeps me knitting as it takes a lot of pressure off the 'mouse' hand. If you have it in both wrists, then, well, it probably won't help. Just some ideas!

mtannie said...

How do you pad the heels? I was thinking about adding wooly nylon, but maybe I should double the yarn as well? Thanks for the tip! I will have to look at his heels, although I know he is wide across the base of his toes (good solid rancher's feet, lol, or Barney Rubble). I doubt the cheap sneakers he wears helps any, either.
Actually, I already do knit continental, although I can do either. I am sure this is a holdover from my quilting days; although I am mostly right-handed, I cut fabric left-handed (and mouse lefty too),and it is my left wrist that is nailing me.

adrienne said...

you might want to continue the slipped st pattern down the sole just past the point where he wears out the sock. eye of partridge might be better than the regular slipped st used for the heel. it is
smoother and would probably be more comfortable.