Thursday, September 18, 2008

"moderator note" re Participant List

Hi folks,

i am trying to be sure that the participant list includes everyone - and that i put your name in as you'd like to see it.

do let me know if i've inadvertently missed you!

for now, there are numbers by the names - these reflect the alpha order of your emails [blogger order]...

I figure your identities are important, hmmmm?
if we can't keep your names straight we might give YOUR prize to someone else! LOL

and, don't forget to comment on Adrienne's "welcome drawing post" and read about how to earn extra entries into our prize drawing!

blessings, :L

1 comment:

jdhforjc said...

yep, but all the letters in parenthesis are lower case. Easier to type for you!
Jody & Katie