Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yay for holiday crafting! And for not-holiday crafting!

Hey all, I hope I'm doing this right. I'm new to the blog scene and hope I don't make any major blunders! I'm so excited to participate in this KAL. I've only used CPY yarns once: on a pair of felted slipper socks that I made for my mom for Christmas last year! The colors are just gorgeous though, it was so hard to choose!

Now I live in the middle of nowhere where the closest yarn shop is...well, it's actually only 30 mintues away, but that's a small shop that only really carries two brands of yarn and is open just one day a week. The NEXT closest yarn shop is at least 1.5 hour drive! But right now, as I type, I'm in Madison, WI, visiting my parents and accompanying hubby on a work conference trip. And tomorrow: YARN SHOPPING! YAY! There's 3 yarn shops within 10 minutes of Madison and they're all just huge and full to the rafters with yarny goodness. I'm going to become a poor, poor woman tomorrow!

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adrienne said...

have fun tomorrow!

can't wait for you to share your shopping adventure with us.