Monday, September 15, 2008

Thanks for this KAL

It is a great idea to have this KAL. It will keep me on track doing what to do for Christmas gifts. Daughter Nr.1 asked for a sweater. Me being well beyond 6ft tall, she is a really good daughter and follows me in that respect. At least she is not as big as I am, so this will be a more fun knit than for myself ;-).
Then, if doing something that size for one, the others will receive knitted gifts as well. There are scarves and mittens and felted bags to be made.
For my husband, perhaps as a positive sign to end a year that brought so many changes to the negative, I will make a sweater, too. He is very tall, but not too big.
Many stitches to come :-). It will be fun to watch what all of us are doing.
What I am really looking forward to is CPY that was given as prizes for the OlympicKAL. As a special treat there will be socks for me out of this yarn you all love so much. Finally I can share your feelings.


drlaura said...

Hi Margarete,
i just heard that your yarn was on it's way! so give it a week or so.
don't want to tell you what it will be- surprises are more fun, don't you think?

blessings, L

maz said...

On to finding my place right at the garage door, lurking. :-)