Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Carefree Holiday-or not KAL

... will be this.


Yesterday I have bought the pattern. One hour later I got the invitation for this knitalong.

I will use this yarn in black


colleenrose said...

I love that pattern!!!!

drlaura said...

oh how lovely!
do you use a special light for when you are knitting black at night?
i have found it can be tricky sometimes.


Stephanie said...

Lovely pattern. Love Alpaca although I've only knitted it as a blend.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I use the normal light in my livingroom and a little bit light of the television ;)

But I normally knit blind most of the time (eyes are on TV *g*) ... only when I decrease or increase I have to look at my knittings.

Greetings Pe