Monday, October 27, 2008

Finally posting finished items and a new one

Oh a scarf/hat combo. The pattern I am loosely following was going to be too skinny so I am adding to the width. Also will change the hat part when I get there. This is Malabrigo Worsted. Love this stuff it is so soft. It has been in stash for a few months so another stash diving project.
Fiber Trends clogs I made for Brooke. Her feet were cold. I used stash yarn for these. She loves the colors. I used 300 yards to make them.
This is a pair of test knit socks. Pattern is "Water Cube Socks" Designer is Star Athena. Design is based on the Water Cube in China where the water sports were held for the Olympics. Very fun design. Totally different cuff and heel than I have ever done also a different toe. This was knitted in Knit Picks Sock Landscape color is Yukon. These took 350 yards. Love them. Another stash yarn used.
Still playing with slippers. Here are adult size 8 pigs and bunnies. Bunnies were knitted to be kittens but when felted they wanted to be bunnies. Placement of ears is very important I will keep reminding myself. Pigs do have curly tails. The two took 500 yards. Frogs are next on the drawing board.


Tangled said...

Those are very cute. Where are the donkeys?

adrienne said...

they had an animal change operation and turned into bunnies.

MrsAA said...

The slippers are the cutest I have seen. Are they your own pattern?

debi's place said...

Thank You I kinda like them. Yes it is my own pattern.

Bunnies started out being kittens, when felted they looked like donkeys, but I could not get a donkey face so guess all along they wanted to be bunnies.

I still want to make frogs and kittens. Those are in the planning stages.