Saturday, November 1, 2008

finished and no yardage

The purple and green hat is an original design with colors picked by my dh ,. He loves it, and it turned out well, but as a designer one just has to "twiddle" a little.

I wanted to firm up the cables some, so twiddled with the design. The red below is the final design, with a photo on white and on blue so you can see how background can have an effect on your impression of colors.

Both hats were knit with Kaya from Crystal Palace yarns.

You can see more of the colors at KayaColorcards.

Now he loves both!
the hat uses two different yarns, and so the stranding adds extra warmth, as you are alternating colors for the cables.
I need to find a mannequin head so you can see the crown as it's very kewl.

but. i failed to take the in progress shots! WAAAH.

now i will go take photos of the sock i am knitting with new Mini-mochi! lucky girl me!

blessings, :L


tapmouse said...

Your hat design is absolutely adorable!

adrienne said...

WHAT are WE going to do with you!?$

"progress before finish!" your mantra is "progress before finish." stop using "finish before no progress." that doesn't work.

cute hat!