Saturday, November 1, 2008

on the needles now 11/1

these are two colors of the new superwash Panda Wool, called Psup [Pea Soup] for short this is a striped toddler sock in new pink print and mint print. here are the colors Psup colors

this is a new color that's coming in panda cotton, called Joyful. it is much prettier than photo shows, so will do another pic tomorrow. panda cotton
this is the magnificent, wonderful, terrific, gorgeous, can't-stop=knitting Mini-Mochi, which is a superwash merino sock wt yarn. i am knitting the "intense rainbow" - more colors here at Mini-mochi colors. this yarn will be in your stores in early jan.
This is a new scarf i'm working on, which is a Tibetan Prayer flags design, and is using the 5 colors of DK panda silkDK Panda Silk ... it uses natural, forest, cranberry, denim and then the buttercup tones in Panda silk {doubled} panda silk colors
..... these 5 colors are water/air/earth/fire/spirit in the traditional Tibetan symbolism, and of course are the colors in prayer flags. i plan to knit in traditional symbols also - the OM, wheel of the dharma, endless knot, dorje, etc. Scarf will be a gift for my longest friend Kaitlin.

i have another thing on needles, a peach and forest wrister, but the forest didn't photo well, so will try tomorrow

blessings, L


tapmouse said...

LOVE the mini-mochi yarn! Soooo cute! Thanks for sharing.

adrienne said...

i want! i want!!!!!