Thursday, October 30, 2008

Progress Report

As you can see, I've managed to get a fair bit done on Peter's coat. Still no name, and still looking for the zipper, though. Grrrrrr.
This picture is a much better representation of the colors. Gorgeous, aren't they? (I say "colors", because it's a rather heathered orangy/red, not a solid.)
I even remember to add pockets before sewing up the side seams. I can't believe I remembered that! I'm about an inch shy of finishing the hood, which I'm very excited about.
I'm easily excited, yes.

Peter's excited too, but that's because he believes hoods make him look like a superhero in disguise.

Nearing the finish line!

. . . if I could ever find that stupid zipper. Why did I decide to buy black?

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adrienne said...

peter's jacket is looking quite nice. no wonder he is getting excited. i love hoods and pockets myself.