Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Progress so far

Seeing all your pics is so inspiring that it is awfully hard to keep on knitting what has to be knit first. So, here are my progress pictures so far:
First, my cardigan is finished, yet unblocked, because I am still pondering the idea of adding broad front band and perhaps a kind of collar, too, because this will be my keep-me-warm-everyday-cardigan:

Then, my husband´s sweater, made like one of EZ´s seamless options:

My son´s scarf, ready, but not finished:

A pair of gloves for me, pattern written, ends not woven in:

Samples knit, patterns written, for a new yarn:

About yardage, knit so far:
  • cardigan: 755g =>1890m
  • sweater: 400g => 640m
  • scarf: 100g => 200m
  • gloves: 65g => 275m
  • socks: 81g => 340m

Total of 3345m or 3659.43 yds. Now I know what you can achieve during an everlasting flu that keeps you inhouse for too long a while.

Goals for next week:

Create a new sock pattern, finish sweater, perhaps start daughter´s sweater.

Sorry for no attractive pic, but I am a lousy photographer. Must wait for husband´s mood and weather being good at the same time.


MrsAA said...

You are a great knitter. I love all the items you have knitted. Those socks and mittens are beautiful. Plus a sweater too!

maz said...

Thank you so much, this is awfully nice of you!