Friday, October 31, 2008

tricks or treats?!

happy pumpkin day to all. remember that "secret" you don't know about? well, the day is here and we have treats!!! debi will be drawing two winners. one will be from the pool of people who finished a project, and the other will be from the pool of people who started a project. those who finished have two chances of winning.

winners will be selecting one of these books. the winner of the finished projects will get first choice.
these prizes are being donated by dr laura. winners should contact her with their snail mail addy and choices. winner of the" started projects" drawing should list a first and second choice.

thank you, laura, for the prizes and thank you all for participating. we have one more month and a whole lot of knitting to go!

the trick will be waiting for debi to post the winners. of course, there will be one book remaining after this drawing. who will win that book? and how? that could be a trick too!


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