Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Finally posting, I hope!

The red scarf is Saphira Merino wool and Frog Tree Suri brushed fingering weight for a thick and thin look. After working on this for a bit, I had to run off to the yarn store (45 miles away) for more Saphira and the yarn(thread) suggested. Now the red scarf will be a gift and the other will be for me. Started it but no picture yet. Size 10.5 needles.

The black spiderweb shown in progress is my Halloween sock of Cherrytree Hill sock yarn and size one needles. The other sock is the spider. The beads are a mix of fall colors--gold, copper and bronze. They were fun to make and will have picture of finished pair soon.

The blue and orange are Chicago Bears colors for football fan husband and son. The yarn is Artyarns super merino and size one needles.

The knitting was the easy part. I have a love-hate relationship with my computer and have had many problems trying to get this posted. It's the first time I have dealt with pictures and a couple of times my screen went blank and I had no idea where anything went. My son was going to take computer away from me if I called for help again. If this all goes through successfully,this knit along was much more of a learning experience than anticipated and I will feel a great sense of achievement.

It looks like my pictures and message are going to be two separate posts, but I'm sending it as is because the more I I try the more jumbled things get, so I'm done for now.

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adrienne said...

blogger can be very trying at times.
i can totally relate.

nice projects!