Tuesday, October 6, 2009

helping nolaboard post

I goofed and started too early, so my little lace baby hat in Bamboozle doesn't count, but it's awfully cute anyhow.

posted by nolaboard with help from moi.

nolaboard is learning how to post on the blog. in the meantime, i have taken the liberty of copying over her comment into a blog post


adrienne said...

it is adorable. which pattern is it? i happen to have one ball of bamboozle in the exact same color!

drlaura said...

Lovely little hat! i'm curious about pattern too. so sweet!

peacockmom said...

Really cute and looks like a good one for some cotton I have in my stash. I need to knit a baby girl's gift soon. She will be living in the north of Western Australia where it can be VERY warm. A cotton hat like this pattern would be just right for the cool evenings.

Which pattern is it, please?