Tuesday, October 6, 2009


So my poor socks went swimming in the deep end of the frog pond. They are no more. I actually took out the entire socks, re-balled the yarn and put it away last night. I was so mad at myself and just not being able to understand the pattern. I wasn't sure what to do and this seemed like the best solution.

Today I decided to try again, but doing them as they work for me and not the way the pattern calls for. So I knit the top using the cobblestone cuff (cast on 54 stitches, knit 5 rows, then joined the cast on row and the last row knit with purl side out.) I've gotten through one pattern repeat and am feeling better about the socks only because I decided they are going to get a traditional heel flap heel. I'll just modify the final rounds before the heel flap to get the complete leaf pattern which would have come if I'd used the original patterns idea.

Here's what I've done so far today while trying to work (paid job), homeschool my almost 7 year old, train our 3 year old horses, and get other stuff done around the house today. We'll see if they make it to completion, but I think I final know what one of my sisters felt when she tried sock knitting and just gave up on it to say never again. It wasn't her thing and I'm beginning to think it's not my time for this pattern as it is written.

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adrienne said...

well, sarah! i have to say that you have joined the right kal! LOL!

the running joke around here is that I live at the frog pond with the frogs, my collection of one socks, and my never-empty pitcher of margaritas! so bring your glass on down and sit a while! :P

i have yet to delve into the new pathways. the only one of cat's that i have knit was the one she had in vogue before the book was published. i have a really hard time with toe-ups and short row heels. don't get me started on srh!

the yarn is pretty! :)