Monday, October 5, 2009

My first holiday kal project

I consider myself an experienced sock knitting, but I'm willing to admit I'm frustrated with my most recent pair of socks. First it took be 3 trieds (froggings) before I figured out how to cast on and knit the top of the socks and then ultimately had to change the number of stitches because they were huge done according to the pattern. All went well until I hit the heel and I've worked them twice so far and still don't have it.

So I'm making these socks my official first project for the holiday kal. tI'm doing the Veil of Vines from the New Pathways for Sock Knitters. As of last night I still didn't have the leg done, so I think they qualify since I was not 50% done yet (still not).

But I will say for a person who can normally turn out 2 pairs of socks a week along with another project, these socks are ruining that rate. I've already worked on these socks 3 days and they aren't completed yet.

Oh, and for those curious, I do two at a time, either magic loop or two circular needles. I also perfer top down to toe up socks. And for this pair of socks I'm using size one addis (perfer zeros but this is a thicker yarn) and am working with Cherry Tree Hill, Supersock DK Select in the River Run colorway. I'll post pictures later when I finally get the hill turned. Or decide to frog back 30 rows and put on my traditional hill.


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adrienne said...

you need to post a picture of your socks in their current ufo state.

i can totally relate to the frog pond. i am currently working on a pair of rainbow socks. the short row heel has been kicking my be-hind!
the first sock, i must have knit the heel at least 5 times or more before i had a heel i could live with. the second sock needed 3 tries. i am so done with short row heels!