Saturday, October 10, 2009

Holiday KAL List

I figured that if I post my list here, I really have to get these projects done, so it's a bit of an incentive.

#1. Finish my FLS. I am on the first sleeve, so I know it doesn't count for the KAL, but I need to finish it to see how much Cascade yarn I have left to make #2.

#2. Fetching mittens with Cascade 220 Heather (although I will modify to make mitts as I do live in Alberta and fingerless mitts would frankly be silly)

#3. We call him Spidey Mitts and Hat for my 7 yr old son for Christmas (need to go to LYS tuesday to find yarn)

#4. Another Braided Scarf by Susan B. Anderson for my cousin in Wool-ease Thick and Quick Claret (God I love this scarf!)

#5. Striped Stocking Cap for my Niece in Wool-ease worsted black and white

I have a few more wish lists, but I think that it enough to keep me going until Christmas.

Jill (jaerrt on ravelry)

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