Friday, October 9, 2009

traveling woman?

i have been talked into knitting a traveling woman shawlette. it looks to be a pretty simple 100 gm project and i just happen to have a couple of skeins of mini mochi in the violets rainbow which would be perfect for this.

thought it might be fun to do an informal kal on the cpy rav group. anyone care to join me? this might be the incentive i need to finish a project for the holiday kal. say, gift?! and of course, it would count towards the holiday kal!

ETA: i have a thread started on rav so start chatting!


waistcoateer said...

I'll join you! My mother asked me to knit something for her friend's birthday in November, and that's the pattern I was already planning to use.

peacockmom said...

Absolutely! I will use my CPY bamboo wool in Ultramarine that I've been saving for a special project.

I wonder which BRILLIANT friend/knitter talked you into this inspirational project? :)

Mini mochi sounds gorgeous. I can hardly wait to get some in peacock colors.

adrienne said...

yes, i totally "wonder" which BRILLIANT "friend" it was!! **cough, cough**