Sunday, October 4, 2009

Holiday KAL To-Do List

Well, no idea how many of these will actually get done, but I suppose it's worth putting up! And I'm adding in if they coincide with other challenge

  • Ladder of Life Socks for my Brother (October SKA challenge)

  • Sock for a Cause (designed by me - October SKA challenge)

  • Fall Goddess Knits Mystery Shawl

  • November Goddess Knits Mystery Socks

  • November SKA Mystery Sock, perhaps, or some slipped stitch design

  • Luna (Sailor Moon) Hat for J

  • Wristlets based off the Moonchild socks for K

I forsee the shawl going unfinished just because as the clues go on I tend to drag behind, and this one is 1200 yards. XD


debi's place said...

Wow,Wow, not sure what else to say...
I can not wait too see this done.

adrienne said...

4 pairs of socks? and moonchild was your first?! you have a serious problem here, girlie! LOL!

good luck on your list!

Calophi said...

Haha, and I've already finished a second pair of socks (Wendy's Double Eyelets) and I am now past the heel of the Nancy Bush Fox Faces from SKA September. =D And I just started those on 09/30. I can motor through socks like nobody's business!

Calophi said...

Plus the Goddess Knits mystery socks are in DK weight so that should go a bit faster.