Tuesday, October 7, 2008

another dishcloth progress photo

I started another dishcloth tonight! The yarn is Sugar 'n Cream in the color "Summerset". The pattern is here. I chose this pattern because it shows off variegated yarns well. I finished the Bee Stitch cloth, but I'll post them as group once I determine my yardage.

It's been awhile since I knit dishcloths, but they are fun little projects! Of course, the next step of the mystery sock pattern gets posted tonight so I'll be sock-knitting again soon!!

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debi's place said...

I looked at a cone of cotton yarn to get a yard per oz. I am going with most dishcloth that I looked up called for 2 oz. So with the math I did I am saying the average dishcloth uses approx 100 yard. Ok that should make it easier on all.