Saturday, October 11, 2008

New to the KAL

Hi, everyone! I'm a new kid on the block (thanks to Adrienne for sending me this way), so I thought I'd start with an update post on what I've been working on so far.

First up is a neckwarmer that I knit and finished; it's probably going to go to my SIL for Christmas.
That's it blocking this morning (even though I finished it last week). This is knit from Shivaya Naturals Peruvian Alpaca; I used about half the skein, so 150 yards. The pattern is one of Anne Hanson's that I was test-knitting; it hasn't been released yet. I'll probably knit another one for myself from the rest of the skein (this yarn is fabulous). This is the only one of my October projects I've finished so far; all the others have what feels like a long way to go (and isn't the point some kind of project completion?).

The next one is a sweater I've started for my husband. This one will take a while, but with luck I'll have it finished for the holidays (maybe even Thanksgiving, if I'm particularly diligent).
It's a much more chocolatey brown than that, but the sun rather bleached it out in the photo. This is the Big Thaw Pullover, knit in the size for a 48-inch chest, using Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton yarn, in the Toffee colorway. I'm about 125 yards in.

And last but not least, I'm working on a pair of socks for someone else, in her handspun merino/angora yarn (it's Bunny Patch, from Newhue Handspun Yarn, in the Oasis colorway).
I'm improvising this pattern myself, and am another repeat in from what you can see in that picture (two kids' soccer games today provided a lot of knitting time -- but they both won!)(that hasn't happened yet this season; it's been a rough one). I'm at just about 100 yards on these socks so far, and getting ready to end the leg and work my way down the foot.

So, there they are. I've also cast on for a scarf that I'm knitting for a friend out of my own handspun, but as I'm less than 25 yards in, I'll hold off on posting about that one for next time (although I suppose that would bring my grand total up to 400 yards, but is it 100 yards per project as a minimum, or units of 100 yards overall?). Meanwhile, I've promised myself that there will be no more casting on until something has been cast off. Of course, there's always spinning to be done...


adrienne said...

you have been busy!!!!

drlaura said...

the sock pattern looks like fun!