Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The first week is gone and there's progress to report

Spending a few days in bed with a cold and the kittycats and some knitting is good.
I'm 30% done with the Henry scarf. I love this. The silk/baby alpaca yarn is gorgeous and soft and lovely, and the stitch pattern is just beautiful and interesting.

The Ribbed Pullover from VK Winter 06/07 is coming along as well. I'm 16 cm into the body knitting it in the round.
And I've realized that I have absolutely no clue when it come's to men's sizes. No clue. But it will probably fit. I think. And hope.

And suddenly all my plans for lovingly hand-knit Christmas presents seem utterly doable!



tapmouse said...

Beautiful pics! Can't wait to see more.

mtannie said...

Wow, your scarf looks yummy! Just what I need, as we are looking at the possibility of 1-2 feet of snow by Sunday, starting tonight.
It looks like somebody thinks your pullover is the cat's pajamas! :o)