Monday, October 6, 2008


The start of my KAL. I am excited to be doing this and it is out of my my "comfort zone"/
Some people I know have pushed, nagged, smiled and all encouraged me to plunge in.
Thank you


debi's place said...

I am so excited. You figured this out and did it. Wow way to go.

It is a start and I will put your name on the spreadsheet right now.

Congrats. Getting out of the "comfort zone" sometimes is a lot of fun. (hoping this is not pushing or nagging).

Way to go I am proud.

sailorcross said...

I'm doing an Irish Hiking Scarf, too!! I'm planning on starting it tonight since I have the evening free (for the most part)! It will be interesting to see how these turn out.

Good luck with yours!!


adrienne said...

i know who you are talking about. she can be kinda pushy, huh?!

looks wonderful. i want to knit one of those scarves one of these days.