Friday, October 10, 2008

It's a Secret Sort Of and a Scarf Start Too

This is a dishcloth I designed for a KAL on a Yahoo group and they are knitting it up as I type so I can't show the finished picture yet... I will in a couple days. I still have to knit a second one to meet the yardage requirement. I didn't get a picture of it in progress as my son had the camera at school and by the time he got home I was finished. Darn those dishcloths for knitting up so fast, lol.

This is the start of 1 of 4 Special Olympic Scarves I am making. I like this pattern a lot, it's pretty easy to remember, the only bad part about this project is it's not a good travel project, needing to carry around 2 skeins of yarn is NOT fun. LOL. So I will work on this from home only.

Of course the scarf is being knitted with red heart delft blue and white as instructed. I figure the finished scarf will use up about 300 yards (1/2 skein of each color?) but not sure since I haven't finished it yet. I'll clarify when it's finished.

Tomorrow I have to go to a family function so I will need some good easy long lasting knitting to bring with me, I have no clue yet what to bring. Maybe a cone of cotton and an easy to remember pattern.



drlaura said...

can you do the reveal on the dishcloths yet?

Aunt Kathy said...

Yes I can... I should be posting it this weekend