Saturday, October 11, 2008

At Last, Two Items Started!!

Finally, I have been able to begin!!

First, here is an Irish Hiking Scarf that I am making for my daughter, Cara. Hopefully, I'll have time to finish a hat and mittens, too! This is made of Caron Simply Soft in Deep Teal.

Then, I have the start of a market bag for my other daughter Lindsay who is going "green". This is called Lacy V Market Bag, done in Peaches 'n Creme natural

Finally, I've started!!!!!


adrienne said...

your link to the bag doesn't seem to be working.

your daughters are going to love their gifts! nice start!

Tangled said...

Wow, those are really nice!
Don't you like how the cable is in the scarf?

Cathy said...

I knit an Irish Hiking Scarf using Caron Simply Soft in Raspberry and it turned out nice. That is a fun pattern to knit!

sailorcross said...

Thanks for the info about the link not working!! I fixed it!!

And, yes, I love this scarf--it is an easy and quick knit. I may just have knit one for myself sometime (when???)


Maria said...

Yes, I agree, I like that scarf pattern, also, love the market bag...I have that on ONE of my lists of projects to knit!!!

drlaura said...

i do love that scarf!