Sunday, October 5, 2008

Birthdya knitting and other stuff.

I posted in September, but not again recently. I finished one pair of socks on Oct. 2. This is the 3rd pair on the gift pile. They're for a SIL and I used every inch of the grey/brown yarn. This man has wide feet. Yarn is Grundl Hot Socks Cotton Stretch and the pattern is Harvest Cables by the Sock Guy. There were some problems with the larger size pattern, starting with a cast on that didn't fit the stitch pattern multiple.

I have one more pair of men's socks to knit for Christmas and a Christmas stocking also.

I've started some birthday socks. This yarn is Grundl Hot Socks Sockenwolle. The stitch pattern is from my new Japanese books. I also am knitting socks for a Granddaughter's birthday. Her favorite colors are red and black. The pattern will also be from a Japanese book. The red yarn is Regia 4 ply.

I also started a Ravelry mystery sock, which needed to be orange. The yarn was bought at the TKGA convention in Portland OR. in September. The yardage is short on this yarn, so I have a contrast toe. The orange yarn is Yarn Place Chaussant. The red is Oasis Yarns Aussi sock. The picture shows the sock sole, to better show the Chaussant yarn. This is a lot of socks at once for me!

I'm also knitting myself a sweater that I have wanted for years. I just recently got the yarn, Noro Silk Garden. The pattern is by Nancie Wiseman and is called Autumn Leaves. My colors don't fit the name. That's what's on my needles right now.

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mtannie said...

Where do you get your Sockenwolle from?! I also love the Yarn Place Chaussant, as I am on a huge orange kick.
Your sweater is going to be gorgeous!