Monday, October 6, 2008

welcome prize drawing

the welcome prize drawing is closed. i made a list of everyone who had joined as of oct 2 in the morning here in california! i refuse to stay awake until midnight. might do the drawing the old-fashion way with slips of paper and a jar.

winner will be announced later this week. keep watching this space.

you guys are good! i've frogged my project 5 times already. maybe we need a prize for the person who spends the most times down at the frog pond!!!!


debi's place said...

Oh but Adrienne you have webbed feet so we would not stand a chance.

adrienne said...

bad debi!, bad!

i may have to knit me a voodoo doll!

Tea said...

Does that seem fair to the members who joined after Oct.2?

jdhforjc said...

I have frogged twice on 1 project and three on another. yeah for the frog pond!

adrienne said...

hi tea;

this is just the first drawing. we have a bunch of prizes at the end of the kal. and may have a few surprise ones in the middle. we are just beginning!

we started this blog on sept 16th. i am sorry that you didn't hear about it earlier but it was posted on several forums and individual blogs.

adrienne said...

hey jodie

i brought a pitcher of margaritas down to the frog pond. just bring a glass. we'll have fun!

debi's place said...

Ohhh, don't make the frog pond too much fun. But, I will grab a glass and a chair and come join you. I am sure I can frog something.

VooDoo doll sounds interesting.

jdhforjc said...

you are hopping along! love the bag. i feel like i am trapped in the yarn-smackdown (and haven't even joined that group!) That is what I get when I try to creat a hat with Ann Budd's book! did not like the ridgy top. Needed to find a new smooth look. Found it, but needed to rip a finished hat!!!

Maria said...

ha ha! I frogged my tesserae socks at list 6 or 7 times!