Monday, October 6, 2008

Progress photo

I started a dishcloth using the Bee Stitch cloth pattern. It's a fun and easy pattern to knit. Here's a progress photo:
According to Ravelry, there are 95 yards of yarn in Sugar 'n Cream print or ombre skein (there's more yardage in the solid colors), so I guess I'll wait and see how much of the skein this uses to determine my yardage.

I've never kept track of my yardage for a project before so this KAL will be a learning experience for me in that regard. If anyone has any tips or suggestions, I'm all ears!! I'm really wondering how I determine my yardage for my fair isle sweater project since I'll be using partial amounts of 5 different skeins.

Everyone's project photos so far are looking great! Keep up the good work!


adrienne said...

do you have a scale? you could weigh your skeins and guesstimate the yardage by weighing the skeins before and after.

tapmouse said...

Cute--and I love the colors!

mtannie said...

Ooooo, that looks SO yummy!