Thursday, October 9, 2008

Progress on Computer Cozy

Here's some progress on my computer monitor cozy. It looks like a brown fuzzball just now. I had to frog once already because my circular needle came apart, but now going along better. This part is made from Crystal Palace Squiggle, Shagg and Splash combined. The first 2 rows are absolutely awful, but after that, it's not too bad. Ironically, this little plastic yarn holder that feeds out each skein individually happened to be a free gift in a Simply Knitting magazine I had just bought. Works splendidly. I'm holding my breath that it will be big enough as the instructions are for a 16 inch monitor and I have a 19 inch. I added 4 more stitches, but am relying on the fact that I knit loosely to give me that extra I need to get around the monitor.

UPDATE: I had the mane 5 rows short of done and ran out of yarn. Yes, those of you who know basic math completely understand that the difference between a 16 and 19 inch monitor is not 4 inches, but closer to 16 in (circumference). Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit.

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adrienne said...

oh, stephanie. i feel for you.

i left the "pitcher" down by the frog pond. go have yourself a cuppa.

(my standard joke is that i take a pitcher of margaritas or mojitos with me to the frog pond to deaden the pain...whoopee!)