Sunday, October 5, 2008

Let's get Christmas Knitting

Hi my name is Aunt Kathy or AK for short. I have been itching to get started on my Christmas knitting and was so excited when I read about this place on MariaE's blog. Couldn't wait to join and send over a few friends too.

Here are my first two entries for this challenge. Since dishcloths use less yardage I will post them in pairs to qualify. Yesterday I finished these two, a Christmas tree illusion cloth and grandmothers lace. I used Peaches and Creme Red and Green and Victorian Christmas colors.

I am not sure how many yards are in ounces of cotton, but I would guess 2 cloths is about 100 yards... does anyone know for sure?

I am making a list of other projects to make as well

I want to make a pirate doll,
some scarf and mitten sets, Cupcake, LadyBug scarf and mittens
some felted bags,
and of course more dishcloths. And that is just what I can think of as I sit here.

I am loving looking at all your projects too... such a talented group of people here.

OK back to the yarn and needles.


debi's place said...

I put your yards on the list. Please remember to post a Progress picture of your items.

debi's place said...

I did the math. Yes it took a bit. I came up with approx 49 yards per oz. Looking at most patterns they take 2 ozs. So I am going with a dishcloth 100 yard. OK???