Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Finally a chance to post

It's been mayhem in the kadezmom household the past couple of days. At last, there is time to snap/DOWNLOAD/edit/upload and blog.

This is the headwarmer I made for dd1. She loves it. It has disappeared, which means it's a hit. Whooo hooooo!

I enjoy seeing everyone's work. Lovely everyone!!!!

Jane - If I'd have the patience for the window to open (can you say computer issues, as in need a new one!!!).......I was thinking that I have some yarn that pools in a gross way as well, in a similar colorway (it's the cheap italian sock yarn on smiley's). Anyway, I'm thinking about giving the whole lot of it a nice dunk in a chestnut colored dye bath. Whaddya think?

Have a great one!
K's headwarmer
loft color 110 yds

Hey. Sorry about my first set of pics. I have a lower end camera, and it's a TAD picky on lighting. I didn't even notice that the hat looked grey. Thanks for clueing me in GimpyKatK.


adrienne said...

those are so my colors!!! your daughter has very good taste.

jdhforjc said...

I love, love, love this.